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Security Issues in 2017

Cybercriminals are improving the techniques to attack on online systems and you need to keep the pace with them. They are adapting to the improvements in cyber security and creating evolving techniques to bypass the security mechanism. To keep your system secure you also need to adapt to new threats and protect your customers’ data from being compromised. We have collected a list of tasks that need to be done to stay secure and keep your system secure as well. The list is by no means complete but priority should be given to these tasks as they are fundamental things for protection against threats.

Identity and access management:

Identity and access management is critical to any cyber security practice.  It includes recording the information regarding the users of the system.  It further consists of authentication of the users and their rights of performing manipulation of records inside a system. You need to know – and keep track of – who is using your network and what he is up to. Identity and access management further includes verification of the users, allotment of proper authorization levels and solidification of identity.

Virtualization Security:

Physical security devices are meant to shield physical or on-premise infrastructures against threats.  As the use of virtualized environments is growing, we need to adapt to a different way of security for them. Virtualization security is one such thing. It basically includes collective measures, strategies and methods that ensure the security of a virtualization infrastructure. It is like wrapping every software and device in a rather secured container. One can guard his information from anywhere and construct tailor-made policies for software


Cryptography is all about securing communication between two parties from any unauthorized party. It includes encrypting information with the help of a key on which both parties agreed upon. The sender of the information encrypts his message and generates a key based on which the message could be decrypted. It then sends the message to the receiver which decrypts it using key. Cryptography is used in many applications over the internet including Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which is used to protect against the man-in-the-middle. You need to have SSL certificate for your website so that the information of your customers is not sacrificed.

This is kind of a to-do list for your system’s security and protection. By following and implementing the things that we discussed would result in a more secure system.


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