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Protect Information on Public WiFi

How often do you hear cases of social media accounts, bank accounts and other private accounts being hacked? This has become some sort of a common occurrence for internet users especially those with an affinity for public WiFi. It seems like people don’t know the proper ways to protect information on public WiFi. They go around dipping their devices in any network they can find and end up falling victim to cyber crimes.

It is often that you see ladies complaining that their Instagram accounts have been hacked and their private (NSFW) photos doing rounds on social media and pornography websites. Cyber insecurity seems to be the order of the day especially with the new trend of internet memes where people’s photos are being used against their will giving rise to numerous unwanted lawsuits.

Public WiFi has always been the number one medium for cyber crimes. All the disgraced I.T graduates are well aware that that is the best place to land victims and they have taken full advantage. While…

Cyber Security Awareness: for Employees

The insecurity of data and information that exists on the internet and computer networks has been a major issue for a number of businesses, organizations, and institutions; which don't invest on network and internet security training and awareness programs for their employees. Ideally, most employers rush to invest in new and expensive technologies in the name of protecting their companies online, not knowing that in most cases, the safety of a company online largely depends on the cyber security awareness of the employees. Consequently, your company's protection online starts by ensuring that your employees are well equipped with basic network safety practices and policies, so that they can assist in keeping your computers and networks safe from cyber-attacks that come in form of a virus, malware, and cyber-crime.

Different Ways to Create Cyber Security Awareness to Your Employees:
The most basic network security measure that your employees need to use is a pass…